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Welcome to AntipodeYarns – where story is our business.

AntipodeYarns is a sole-trader business operated by Jemma Hooper, a seasoned IT professional and passionate story-teller with a diverse background in multimedia production and writing.

We have three key offerings:

  • Business Consulting Services: We use a story dynamics assessment as a means to optimise your workforce effectiveness and efficiency.
  • IT Services: We offer a range of different IT Services ranging from general IT consulting, project management and various architecture offerings.
  • Writing Services – in which we seek to supply novice writers with useful resources, and provide more advanced services for writers looking for the help of an experienced eye.
  • Media Production Services – in which we try to translate our knowledge of story-telling process to the more process-driven world of media story telling, be that in printed works, audio, video or interactive web formats.

On this site you will also find a variety of news items, writings, essays and musings on the various practice domains detailed above. We hope our site will provide something that will inspire you, amuse you, or pique your interest. Please feel free to check back later to see what else we have come up with.