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Welcome to the home of AntipodeYarns business consulting services. This is a private consulting concern operated by Jemma Hooper, an experienced IT and business professional based in Adelaide, South Australia. Jemma has also had a strong affinity for and background in story-telling since childhood, and has decided to start putting the skills she has built in songwriting, screen-writing, film direction/production, and writing both fictional and non-fictional prose to work in a way that provides a valuable uplift to her other professional experiences.

The basic tenet of this concept is this: All memory of human experience is persisted as story. This is why when we relate our experiences to other people, we do so in narrative form. We are the characters in our own stories. And the conflicts we face in life are the result of our internal and external narratives coming into conflict with other narratives, all seeking primacy. By the stories of those involved in our endeavours and reducing or eliminating those conflicts, then those endeavours will yield greater success.

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