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IT Services

As well as our more novel consulting offerings, AntipodeYarns Consulting also provides a number of IT services, consistent with Jemma’s prior experience as a technical delivery resource and technology strategist. These services are as follows:

  • Solutions Architecture Services
    Need something new? Jemma has the skills to pull together disparate solution components into a comprehensive solution design, along with best practices, integration points and enough detail for technical delivery resources to construct the solution. This service includes high level test plans for each solution component, integration testing processes and – with the assistance of trusted partners – a list of key points to consider regarding the security of the solution design.

    As a consultant, Jemma’s interest in solutions architecture is primarily in “green-field” solution designs that may require integration with existing technologies, but do not require significant reconstruction or rework of existing solutions. 

  • Enterprise Architecture Services
    Does your business have an effective IT strategy in place? Do you understand the moving parts in your business systems, how they interact with each other and have benchmarks in place for their ongoing cost of maintenance, compliance and infrastructure upgrades and growth in capacity requirements? Are your IT solutions fully aligned with business needs? Is your IT team responsive to changing business needs? Does your IT team have the capacity and capability required to meet all business needs? And If not, are you engaged with appropriate third party providers to meet your business needs?

    If you want answers to these kinds of questions, Jemma is a TOGAF 9.1 qualified Enterprise Architect and can help to define an approach for addressing these questions on an ongoing basis.

  • Data Architecture Services
    Data is the lifeblood of any modern business. Poorly managed data could be leading your business users to make bad decisions. This makes engaging an expert in data management to give your systems a health check is never a bad idea. Ensuring that EU, US and Australian privacy, card security, ASIC/APRA/DOH and other compliance requirements are met is another important component of data architecture of which many smaller businesses are only marginally aware. With fines ranging from $10,000 to 4% of corporate turnover as a result of non-compliance, this can be a very heavily under-estimated source of risk, especially if your data or systems definitions are stored in cloud services; or you do business with US or EU citizens.

    As an experienced database administrator, data modeler, data analyst, data warehouse/data mart designer, report analyst and data governance professional, Jemma can provide deep expertise in helping you to get the best possible value out of your data.

  • Service Management Assessment Services
     Most organisations these days use a framework like CMMI, ISO900x, COBIT or ITIL to govern IT service delivery and configuration management maturity. These frameworks can be assessed against a standardised set of criteria. Such assessments can guide targeted investment in lower maturity IT service delivery areas to ensure that adverse business impacts are kept to a minimum, and that IT service delivery continually improves.

    Jemma has experience with a number of these assessment frameworks and can conduct them for clients. Included with any such assessment is an evaluation of the capabilities that need most urgent attention.

  • Project Management Services
    Sometimes businesses have small programs of work that do not require a full time project manager, and sometimes smaller enterprises do not have the resources required to provide appropriate levels of governance and conformance to project delivery expectations. In these situations, an external engagement can be structured around either outsourcing the project management role, or having a consultant deliver appropriate project governance support, acting either in the role of a project coordinator or informal project management office. This model allows organisations to uplift their project delivery capability without having to employ a full-time resource who would otherwise spend a significant amount of their time creating busy-work to keep themselves busy.

    Jemma has been involved with standing up program management capabilities, planning technology projects and working with both traditional and agile project management approaches. As such she can not only provide provide advice on establishing project management systems, workflows and procedures, but also assess project health, deliver resource scheduling plans and where necessary, perform project management functions where other resources cannot.

  • SME Business General IT Consulting
    Many small-to-medium enterprises do not have a dedicated IT support and systems management function. Whilst many similarly small IT providers offer support for essential IT systems such as email, document management, network support and basic software systems management, the knowledge they possess is not always as comprehensive that possessed by people with experience working with enterprise systems – especially where systems security is concerned. Also, when such “small shops” provide business software solutions, they do not always deliver them with the intent of mitigating the cost of integration and ongoing maintenance.

    Jemma has had experience with a broad range of IT systems design, development, testing and integration projects; and is also an experienced social media marketer. Clients wishing to reach beyond the capabilities of their existing providers should consider tapping into Jemma’s deep industry knowledge and ability to deliver software, data and network integrations in a secure, reliable and cost effective manner. Jemma can also deliver policy based management of corporate IT assets, desktop virtualisation solutions and advise on the migration of in-house systems to cloud hosting where cost savings justify doing so.

To request more information about any of these services, please feel free to contact us using the form below.